SDG Monitoring Working Group Meeting 2

The next WG meeting on PFC monitoring and reporting will take place next week Thursday 28 January 2.30-4 pm CET

Here are the connection details:

When: 14:30-16:00 CET on Thursday 28th January 2021
Where: Click here to join the Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 951 2666 4377
Passcode: 389963

And below are the documents you should read before the meeting:

  • 0_List of PFCs: Latest updated list of pathfinder countries, with status of implementation of the strategic workshop
  • 1_Notes WG#1 streams 1 and 2: summary of notes from groups 1 and 2 of first SDG monitoring WG meeting
  • 2_2020 Monitoring and reporting process: Summary overview of the process that took place for 2019-2020 period reporting (powerpoint presentation – and video)
  • 3_2020 Reporting questionnaire section 1 – monitoring indicators: Template provided for PFCs to report on for the period 2019-2020 – these are the proposed indicators, PFCs could voluntarily chose which ones to report on
  • 4_2020 Reporting questionnaire section 2 - narrative: Set of 5 questions that PFCs were asked to report against in a narrative way to provide an overview of the progress against PFC road map priorities
  • 5_2020 Reports sent in by PFC focal points: List of reports - with available links for downloading - sent in for the period 2019-2020 and the link to the Alliance 8.7 website with the main highlights for those countries. Please note that only countries that had already conducted their strategic workshops were expected to send in a progress report. In fact other countries have yet to develop a roadmap to report against.
  • 6_2020 PFC workshop key takeways: Key takeaways collected at the PFC workshop conducted in Nov 2020 – for feedback and recommendations on the monitoring process see inputs under session 2.

Who should go through all these documents?

If you intend to meaningfully contribute to the establishment of monitoring and reporting frameworks for the Pathfinder countries in 2021 you need to carefully go through these documents.

What are we supposed to do with all these documents? 

The expectation is that - ahead of our next Working Group meeting - we will all have taken the time to critically review these documents so that we are ready to discuss issues related to Monitoring and reporting processes for PFCs as well as indicators and reporting template.

There are so many documents... Where to start? 

I recommend you start with this video (7min); it takes you through last year's PFCs' monitoring and reporting process. And then you can dive into the attachments.

By when should we have gone through all the documents? 

The next WG meeting on PFC monitoring and reporting will take place next week Thursday 28 January 2.30-4 pm CET. Please be ready by then to provide your constructive views.

What are the next steps on the other topics? 

Regarding the other meetings, below a reminder of the next dates that you can already mark in your calendars (apologies for typos in my previous communication)

Thursday 4 Feb 2.30-4 pm CET - Topic: Research agenda
Thursday 18 Feb 2.30-4 pm CET - Topic: Full SDG monitoring WG - Status update

How do I know which meeting I should participate in? 

If you want to contribute to the 'Monitoring and Reporting Frameworks for Pathfinder countries' please attend the meeting on 28 Jan. If you want to contribute to the 'Research agenda' please attend the meeting on 4 feb. You can come to both, if you want to contribute to both.

What if I am not able to attend?

If for some reason you are not able to attend, we will anyway share with all of you the results of the meetings we have and give a debrief on the ongoing activities at the status update meeting of Thursday 18 Feb 2021.