PFC workshop 2023

Pathfinder Country annual workshop

Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder Countries are those that commit to strengthen efforts, driving progress on the ground and test new approaches to eliminate child labour, forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking. To date, 36 countries have formally manifested an interest to become Pathfinder Countries, and 24 countries have embarked on the implementation process. 

This year’s Pathfinder Country workshop took place at a key moment for Alliance 8.7.  A new Global Coordinating Group governance structure has recently been adopted, allocating seats for Pathfinder Country representatives, alongside development partners and regional representatives.  Pathfinder Countries will now play a pivotal role in decision-making and actively steer the work of the Alliance.

The 2023 Pathfinder Country annual workshop resulted in:

  1. Recommendations on how to strengthen the Pathfinder Country reporting process.
  2. Sharing of experiences and good practices amongst Pathfinder Countries on aligning Roadmaps to the Durban Call to Action, tackling child labour through social protection, and workers-led initiatives to eliminate child labour involving key elements such as migration, informality, climate change, and gender equality. 
  3. Pathfinder Countries inspired by employers’ organizations who are members of the ILO’s Business Network on Forced Labour to interact with the Network on Roadmap implementation. 
  4. Pathfinder Countries understanding the opportunities to engage with the newly relaunched Alliance 8.7 Action Group on Migration.