Retos y triunfos de niños, supervivientes, activistas y socios clave de todo el mundo

Lee, escucha, mira y aprende cómo personas, organizaciones y redes de asociación como Alianza 8.7 luchan por sus derechos humanos básicos.

From child labour to decent work in Mauritania

How Alioune navigated legal employment in the fishing industry

Pact for the Future

Letter from the Chair of the Alliance 8.7 to the Members of the Global Coordination Group

Irina Todorova
Interview with Irina Todorova, Migration Action Group

There are clear connections between migration and SDG Target 8.7 issues (human trafficking, forced labour, child labour, and modern slavery).

Claudia Fuentes Julio
The Chair of Alliance 8.7

Ambassador Claudia Fuentes Julio is the new Chair of the Global Partnership against Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking, and Modern Slavery

Understanding child labour statistics

Did you know that, around the world, there are 160 million children aged 5 to 17 in child labour?

Pledge of the Netherlands

On World Day against Child Labour, the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Social Affairs and Employment launched an action pledge to contribute to the

Child writing
In Morocco, a renewed hope for former child domestic workers

New ILO-UNICEF Report shows increased risk of child labour due to COVID-19.

Girls with masks
COVID-19 and child labour: a time of crisis, a time to act

New ILO-UNICEF Report shows increased risk of child labour due to COVID-19.

Alliance 8.7 Partners United Way Worldwide and ILO launch new project on forced labour

The 2-year project will tackle specific forms of forced labour within multiple industries and regional contexts.

Understanding modern slavery statistics

Did you know that, today, 50 million people are in situations of modern slavery? That’s nearly 1 out of every 150 people in the world.